FRAMA’s capsule with Hender Scheme highlights new, contemporary craftsmanship

The line includes furniture, home goods, accessories, and home fragrances, also showcasing a variety of leatherwork techniques.
August 11, 2022

Based in Asakusa, Tokyo, Hender Scheme creates leather shoes, bags, accessories, and objects by practising what the brand describes as ”NEW CRAFT”, through the knowledge and techniques of artisans. 

This week, the label teams up with FRAMA for a line of interior and lifestyle products, including the Danish multi-disciplinary brand’s first-ever wearable item, a pair of leather slippers. 

The range of bespoke home goods features vegetable tanned leather detailing highlighting a high level of Japanese artisan craftsmanship for which Hender Scheme has become known. The natural, raw and untreated materials such as wood, aluminium, and clay — for which FRAMA, on its side, has become known — are used to blend seamlessly with Hender Scheme’s neutral-tinted leathers.