FRAMA sells Frederik Gustav-designed and stamped oiled pine chairs through auction house

Inspired by traditional carpentry, the young Copenhagen-based design duo presents shelves and a bench for the new Bracket series.
January 09, 2023

Frederik Weber and Gustav Dupont share a passion for wood, craftsmanship, and construction techniques and their studio, Frederik Gustav, works with spatial design, installation art, and product design. The Bracket Series is their second project for FRAMA and features a purely functional component, a bracket, throughout the entire collection, aiming to amplify the beauty of raw, natural materials. It’s designed with environmental responsibility and the long-lasting connection between humans and nature in mind.

The Bracket Series.

The Bracket Chair will be presented at Stockholm Furniture Fair at the beginning of February. After the fair, forty Bracket Chairs, stamped and originally signed, will be sold through the Swedish auction house Bukowskis.