Inside ”Sweden’s Best Designed Office in 2021” with interior architect Marco Checchi

A ”seriously playful” expression has been key, according to firm Studio Stockholm Arkitektur’s co-founder.
February 21, 2022

Interactive entertainment company King has pretty quickly grown from an up-and-coming gaming studio to a huge business with a large organization and many, many players globally. A journey which Studio Stockholm had to take into consideration when designing their new office, Checchi tells.

— They’ve matured in terms of the kind of company they want to be, and although playfulness is still key, we have been careful to strike a balance that avoids an overly naive interpretation of this. Conceptually, this has led to a shift from a super playful to a seriously playful expression, where playful elements have been well-integrated through smart, and well-thought-out, packaging, he says, continuing,

— In terms of design, we wanted to create a dynamic environment that reflects the international and multifaceted nature of the organization and brand. So we worked with a broad spectrum of materials and colours. For example, with few exceptions, the surfaces are all coloured in detail — in calm colours and strong accent colours — and we have actively avoided white. We wanted this to be an office that offers surprises, arouses curiosity and, of course, is a breeding ground for creativity.

The firm also took King’s agile way of working into consideration, putting a lot of effort into understanding the developers’ needs and how to create optimized solutions to meet those needs. 

— Among many other features, we included cameras that allow employees to work digitally and analogously at the same time, display screens that enable them to easily pull up and discuss their work, more than 1,000 square meters of mobile whiteboard solutions for flexible meetings, and rooms for each team to create a personalized space, says Checchi.

The work paid off, as Studio Stockholm’s work with King’s new space was awarded Sweden’s Best Designed Office 2021.

— Coupled with the fact that the client is incredibly satisfied with the outcome, this is a really gratifying acknowledgement of our work, Checchi concludes.

All pictures: Per Kristiansen.

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