Marwida and Nord release handmade surfboards reinforced with ocean plastics

You’ve already heard of partnerships as a match made in heaven. This one, though, is more of a match made in the ocean.
May 11, 2021

Marwida produces premium swimwear made out of recycled plastics. They’re now teaming up with surfboard producer Nord for the new Made-to-Order Coral Reef Surfboard Collection, born out of a shared love for being in the water.

The new line blends the two brands’ aesthetics and craftsmanship, resulting in two sleek and minimalistic surfboards made by hand and reinforced with Marwida’s mentioned upcycled ocean plastics.

— For a wide range of riders and conditions, these boards are designed to last for a long time — in quality, shape, and style, says Oskar Lindholm, co-founder of Nord.

— Surfing is a very special experience. This close interaction with the sea really works as an eyeopener to realize that we shouldn’t take the ocean and its marine life for granted, explains John Magnér, CEO of Marwida.