Our 10 most-streamed podcasts this year

Getting some well-deserved downtime during the holidays? Wind down with our 10 most-streamed episodes from season 2 of the Scandinavian MIND podcast.
December 22, 2021

Ted Persson & Greg Bernstein (EQT Ventures) on frontier technologies

Ted Persson and Greg Bernstein are partner and venture lead respectively at VC firm EQT Ventures. The duo dissects what frontier and deep tech mean, the responsibilities of ethics in tech, and the amazingly sustainable potential that technology can offer by making production hyperlocal again.


Karinna Nobbs and Marjorie Hernandez (The Dematerialised) on digital fashion

Karinna Nobbs and Marjorie Hernandez are founders of The Dematerialised. A new marketplace for digital fashion, or as they call themselves — a market space. They are pioneering the world of digital style, authenticated by blockchain technology.


David Orlic (Anyone) on the future of audio

David Orlic is co-founder and CEO of the Stockholm-based audio startup Anyone. Anyone is an invite-only app that enables experts give advice through five-minute voice calls.


Petter Stordalen (Nordic Choice) on staying positive

Petter Stordalen is the founder of Nordic Choice Hotels, and owner of several iconic travel and hotel establishments in Scandinavia, including Hurtigruten, Ving airlines, and At Six hotel in Stockholm.


Erik Fagerlind (Sneakersnstuff) on the future of streetwear

During the last two decades, Erik and his co-founder Peter Jansson has transformed their Stockholm based sneaker store into a global streetwear phenomenon, with a turnover of more than 100 million euro and stores in New York, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo.


Sofia Falk on The Diversity Paradox

Sofia Falk is a transformation activist and author of the new book The Diversity Paradox. Sofia has been helping some of the world’s biggest brands with their diversity strategies, including H&M, Scania, Pernod Ricard, and Volkswagen.


Micael Dahlén on how numbers run (and ruin) our lives

Micael Dahlen is a professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, with expertise in the intersecting areas of consumer behaviour, human happiness, welfare, marketing and creativity. He is also a speaker and an author, with the latest book Sifferdjur on shelves now, in which Micael and co-author Helge Thorbjørnsen discuss how numbers are running, and ruining our lives.


Ilenia Martini (Neni) on transforming in the design industry

Ilenia Martini, founder of visual communications agency Neni and the newly appointed editor-at-large of design and communications at Scandinavian MIND.


Maximilian Missoni (Polestar) on the future of electric mobility

Maximilian Missoni is Head of Design at Polestar, the Volvo-owned electric mobility company. The mobility industry is going through one of the biggest transformations in its existence, and we discuss the possibilities and responsibilities of designing cars during this paradigm shift.


Lotta Kopra (Spinnova) on innovating textiles

Lotta Kopra is Chief Commercial Officer at Spinnova, a Finnish innovation company that creates sustainable textile fibre out of wood and waste, using zero hazardous chemicals and 99% less water than cotton.