Jodi Muter Hamilton (Other Day) on the three horizons of fashion

Season 1, Episode 32.
May 05, 2021

Jodi is a London-based communication specialist, podcaster, and advocate for change towards a sustainable fashion future. 

Her podcast and consultancy Other Day and the non-profit initiative Project 2030 provide an excellent resource for discussions on the subject, with several reports coming out in the near future. 

She is also a partner in Fashion Roundtable, a leading think-tank for the fashion industry.

In this conversation, we talk about:

The three horizons for change in fashion

How to build brands with a sustainable approach from the start

Learning to deal with pressure in a post-pandemic world

Her upcoming report on burnout and mental health in fashion

Finding the holy balance of growth, success and peace of mind

The need for patience and hard work to turn around unsustainable fashion brands

How technology and gaming can help fashion be fun again

How do you price digital fashion?

The Say-Do Gap

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